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we provide a number of products including to grocery stores, restaurants, convenience stores, bars and clinics throughout Chicago, Chicagoland, Illinois, Wisconsin and Indiana.

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direct to store distributor

we provide direct to store (dsd) delivery services to all of our customers, we operate 24/7 and always keep all products we sell in stock.

Chicago based distributor of food, beverage and supply products to grocery stores, restaurants, bars and clinics in Illinois, Wisconsin and Indiana. We also service thousands of Hispanic grocery stores and restaurants.
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We are a food, beverage and supply direct to store (DSD) distributor based in Chicago and servicing all Chicago and Chicagoland areas as well other areas of Illinois, Wisconsin and Indiana. We service both large and small grocery stores, restaurants, bars, cafes, clinics and hospitals.

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in chicago, chicagoland, illinois, wisconsin and indiana
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We supply a number of items to grocery stores both large and small including food and beverage products of all kinds. We also supply a number of different supply products from deli paper, packaging and bagging, receipt paper and cleaning supplies. We are proud to service thousands of customers not only in Chicago and Chicagoland but also throughout Illinois, Wisconsin and Indiana.

  • Big and small brand food and beverage products
  • Hispanic grocery stores
  • All grocery supplies

We provide a number of supply products to restaurants including customized food packaging items. All items are of high quality and are currently in use by hundreds of restaurants throughout Chicago and Chicagoland.

bars & liquor stores

We offer a number of unique and niche alcoholic products that give any business that different flavor and keep customers coming to the business. We service both bars as well as liquor stores and because we operate 24/7 it means that we can provide the products when it is best to receive for the business.

convenience store

We service a number of convenience stores and supply them with everything they need from beverages, snacks as well as supplies including car wash detergents. We provide delivery services to each store location and also to directly to warehouses.


We provide all the needed supplies for clinics and hospitals, all products are compliant with quality standards and FDA requirements, ensuring safety for patients. We are proud to service many clinics throughout Illinois, Wisconsin and Indiana directly.

More than Just DSD Distribution
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Direct to Store Distribution

We are a proud direct to store distributor (DSD), specializing in working directly with each business and location to provide the service and products to fit their needs.


We offer quality warehousing services for clients of any kind, this includes the storage but also delivery of the products to the needed customers at competitive prices.

Custom Supplies

We can manufacture a number of different supplies customized with a client's logo and brand. This would increase the perception of the business but also help establish brand recognition.

Promotion Management

We work directly with each manufacturer to provide businesses with routine promotions that are effective. We provide valuable analysis and data on the promotions to the manufacturers in order to continue improving them.

Mega Distribution
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Mega Distribution has been in business for a number of years providing the best products and services to grocery stores, restaurants, fast food restaurants, bars and clinics of all sizes. We have been proud to be competitive on price and to provide service that exceeds the expectations of our clients. Additionally we work directly with each of our clients to establish programs and plans that would approach their business needs in a unique way and one that would help them operate optimally.

We operate 24/7, in addition we provide products including supplies on emergency basis in case customers forget to order or due to unexpected higher usage. We service all areas of Illinois, Wisconsin and Indiana with our fleet of trucks and vans.

Chicago Based Distributor

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